SeaGauge G2™ 28 Function Sensor Interface Unit - ENET Option

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SeaGauge G2 Data Sheet

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SeaGauge G2 Manual

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SeaGauge Project

Internal update to SeaGauge Remote G2

Adds Ethernet Interface to Port 1 - Includes Ethernet cable (10')

The NMEA 2000™ -to- Ethernet Adapter is a wired interface gateway featuring a built-in Web Server and SD data logging. The adapter allows full access to NMEA 2000 data over any standard Internet connection and Web browser.

The NMEA 2000™ -to- Ethernet Adapter with Web Server plugs into vessel data bus and delivers real-time sensor data over wired Ethernet up to 300 feet. When connected to an internet router, remote monitoring and control is possible just about anywhere in the world. The adapter also works with vDash™ application on Windows PC to enable real-time display and data logging.

Integrated SD memory card can log over a years’ worth of bus traffic and upload to the service for cloud base storage and access using any browser.

The adapter comes with a full function Web Server which can store up to 1.2 MB of pages with support for javascript and AJAX protocols. These features allow real-time display of vessel sensor data via any Internet connection using the virtual graphics dashboard. Offering support for a full set of networking protocols, this device is easy to set up and manage with supplied configuration software. Simple DHCP management of IP addresses and TCP data server round out the feature set.