SeaSmart 4G with WiFi - NMEA 2000 to Cellular Gateway

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Chetco Digital Instruments introduces its newest SeaSmart gateway which interfaces between a vessel’s NMEA 2000 network and most cellular data services. SeaSmart 4G™ contains a cellular data modem and removable SIM card to allow use on most mobile networks including AT&T’s and Verizon data service which offers a 10X reduction in monthly access charges. M2X (machine to cloud) is specifically designed for interfacing sensors directly to cloud services such as Chetco Digital’s data analytics web site with a monthly access fee as little as $2 per device. SeaSmart 4G™ provides the physical link between a vessel’s NMEA 2000 or NMEA 0183 sensor network and cellular coverage area. On-board SD memory can store data when out of range and automatically upload to cloud services when access is restored, making it ideal for any near-shore monitoring or tracking applications.


SeaSmart 4G™ offers simplified installation by using a single NMEA 2000 node connection to instantly start transmitting hundreds of sensor measurements such as GPS position, speed, course, heading, fluid tanks, battery conditions, engine temp, air temp, wind speed, water depth, and much more. SeaSmart 4G™ can be purchased with provisioning for AT&T service to offer zero-setup and instant transmission to the cloud service.


By leveraging cloud data access, SeaSmart 4G™ can provide live data to many third party apps like iNavX, NMEA Remote, and AirMar’s OnSiteWX – thus allowing use both on-board and off-board. Real-time sensor data is transmitted to HelmSmart servers where apps then connect directly via virtual TCP port just the same as in on-board configurations.