Amperage Sensor

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SeaGauge™ Sensor Interface Units support inductive and shunt type amperage sensors.

Inductive Hall Effect sensors are easy to use since the wire is passed though the sensor and does not need to be cut. Hall effect Sensors do require a voltage source (5V) which can be supplied by the SeaGauge Sensor Interface Units to power the sensor. They generate a voltage proportional to the sensed current. Positive and negative current can be measured by offset the voltage to midrange (2.5V).

Hall Effect current sensors can only be used on SeaGauge Inputs set up for voltage measurements.

This sensor measures +/- 100 Amps. 0 VDC = -100Amps. 2.5 VDC = 0 Amps. 5.0VDC = + 100 Amps.

Shunt type current measurement is supported by use of specialized amplifier used with the shunt. Shunts output a very small voltage (500 mV Max) in proportion to the current through the shunt and need to be amplified before routing over long cable lengths. This make shunt measurement less practical then Hall Effect.