Analog Sensor Gateways

The SeaGauge™ Remote Sensor Interface Units are the analog-to-digital converter boxes that makes the entire digital instrumentation hub possible with any engine data desired.   The Remote Sensor Interface Units are an innovative approach to marine and automotive digital instrumentation.  By localizing sensor connections near the engine and converting to a digital format, reliable transmission is now possible to multiple locations throughout the vessel.

The unit is designed for use with all SeaGauge Color Touch Screen Display Panels or and/or the SeaPC™ to create a modular instrumentation system.  All units can handle up to 16 different inputs and 12 indicator lights.  The gauges supported are as basic as simple temperature, pressures, voltage, current and fluid level senders, to more complicated tachometer, GPS speed, EGT, Boost and even fuel flow interfaces.  Each unit can support instrumentation for 1, 2 or 3 engines with room to spare.

Wireless gateway options are available to expand capabilities beyond wired limits to include remote monitoring via internet cloud-base services. New wireless Zigbee style Mesh networks easily add additional sensors and controllers with ranges of several thousand feet.