Fuel Flow Sensor - Diesel/Gas 16L/min

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The DEW Line P80 Fuel Flow Sensor is a high precision flow sensor for accurate metering of a variety of fuels. The P80 utilizes precision-machined elliptical gears to measure flow without creating undue restrictions. P80 may be used in Diesel, Gasoline, and Ethanol applications.

  • Flow rates from 0.76 Gal/Hr to 253 Gal/Hr
  • Resolution of 0.0004 Gal
  • Max pressure 174 PSI
  • Aluminum Alloy enclosure
  • Line fitting 1/4 NPT F
  • Diesel flow measurement requires two sensors (supply and return)
  • Works with SeaGauge G2 Remote and SeaGauge Analog Gateway.