SeaGauge Remote G2 - Project Folder - 030319

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SeaGauge Remote G2 - Project Folder and Firmware updates 030319.

This Update adds support for Indicator Alarms on SeaGauge G2 Remote Sensor Units.

SeaGauge has a external alarm signal (Pin 3 on D connector) that can drive a external buzzer or relay.

Active High voltage on any of the indicators can active the external alarm output - 

Note - Any Active High Indicator will trigger the single alarm output. 

SeaGauge will also transmit NMEA PGN 127501 (Switch Status) to indicate which of the 12/8 Indicators is active.

SeaGauge will also send status message to vDash to show individual Indicator status.

Please see Application Note AN-VD190303 for information on how to use vDash to enable Indicator Alarms



This Firmware update also adds Indicator Run-time Status as a custom PGN 65293 (0x0FF0C)

Runtime Status tracks/reports the total ON time for each of the first 8 indicators (I0-I7) and the number of ON/OFF cycles.

Useful to track on times for Bilge Pumps and float switches - 

PGN 65293 is used in SeaSmart Web Pages and HelmSmart Cloud service to display run time in seconds for each of the 8 indicator status inputs.

A battery backed memory is used to store run times even when power is disconnected.

Run times can be reset to zero by using the vDash application

Please see Application Note AN-VD181008 on how to use vDash to enable Indicator Run time Status.