SeaSwitch Remote Keypad

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SeaSwitch Remote Keypads are a evolution in Marine switching systems, boasting large, well-spaced buttons that allow for a reliable operation even when wearing work gloves. It can be installed inside or outside and come with 4 to 12 weather-resit lighted buttons. Thanks to its IP67 input protection level, it is weather resistant and continues to function even in extreme environments.

The built-in CAN Bus interface supports NMEA 2000 and J1939 protocols allowing multiple keypads to be installed and communicate with SeaSwitch Remote switching hubs. Each multi-function button is  illuminated with color led backlight to indicate current status. Buttons can  be used to control on/off functions or as alarm indicators. Keypads can be programmed with zone based colors to quickly identify faults.

You can use SeaSwitch Remote keypads as a controller for lighting, pumps, blowers, electronics, or even as engine start. Keypads can also be configured to replace indicator lights with multi-color back light symbols that are easily inserted to create a complete customized panel.

Keypads in the SeaSwitch series are the only ones currently on the market that boast keys with removable inserts. The symbol on each SeaSwitch Remote Keypad is laser-printed on a 24 mm insert (compatible with SSKEY 2200) that can easily be removed and substituted without needing to take apart the rest of the keypad or cockpit. The use of open protocols makes keypads in the SSKEY series perfect for both automotive and nautical markets.

SeaSwitch Remote Keypads are also available with wireless option to support SeaSmart Wireless Mesh networks.