SeaGauge AGW - 8 function sensor interface unit

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SeaGauge AGW Data Sheet

Technical Docs:

SeaGauge Technical Docs

The SeaGauge AGW™ Sensor Interface Unit is a splash resistant unit that allows up to 2 engines and other vessel sensor data to be output on NMEA 2000/J1939 CAN bus networks. Each Sensor Interface Units can handle up to 8 different inputs (2 Pulse, 6 analog). All inputs are calibrated using stored 256 point tables uploaded via USB interface

The Sensor Interface Unit provides digital instrumentation for a variety of performance parameters such as tachometer, fuel flow, boost, rpm, oil pressure, engine temperature, fuel level, voltmeter, main and auxiliary battery, and much more all in a compact sealed design.

The CAN bus interface allows analog engine data to be integrated with NMEA 2000/J1939 PGN’s and displayed on NMEA 2000/J1939 compatible displays or other web browser device such as iPads and Android tablets. Existing engines and equipment can be monitored in multiple locations using compatible displays. Housed in a solid ABS water-tight box (measuring only 5.5" long x 1.47" tall x 4.7" wide), the Sensor Interface Unit can fit easily into any mounting location.

Built-in USB and Serial interfaces transmit digital sensor data to instrumentation display panels or remote PC/Laptop for real-time display. Optional network interfaces allow gauge data to be sent out over network data links (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and even directly to the Internet. It is now possible to monitor engine instrumentation data from any Web browser in any location accessible via the Internet.

The system replaces existing gauges while using already installed senders or any new senders the user requires. Programmable calibration tables can be matched to almost any instrument. When coupled with an optional SeaGauge or NMEA 2000 display,

The SeaGauge AGW Unit is a stand alone engine monitoring solution. Easily connect to a PC to data log and perform engine diagnostics for all analog sensor inputs with optional NMEA 2000/J1939 inputs.

• Included vDash Software allows your SeaGauge AGW Unit to interface with SeaGauge displays, Windows based PC products or NMEA2000/J1939 devices as well as engine performance data logging, system setup and user programmable screen design

• Gauges and Switches can be displayed and controlled from one or more displays using scrolling page format (PC/tablets/smart phones)

• Wireless Mesh network option connects multiple units and sensors/controllers/gateways

• Compatible with all SeaGauge displays, Windows PC’s, NMEA2000/J1939 devices

• Wireless options allow for viewing on any web browser enabled PC, Tablet PC, Smartphones including iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android (requires optional SeaSmart Gateway)

• User defined gauge labels (multiple languages) and sensor types

• User defined downloadable sensor calibration tables (virtually unlimited)

• Virtually unlimited sender interface ( Fluid, Pressure, Temp, Volt, Pulse)

• 2 Pulse inputs and 6 digital gauge functions

• Diesel fuel flow option includes pair of 250 gal/hr flow sensors

• User selectable mix and match screen layouts offering dials, bar graphs and text boxes (requires vDash and Windows OS)

• Optional Wireless SeaSmart gateway for remote monitoring and alarms via internet cloud-base services.