SeaGauge Remote G2 - VDO Gauge Calibrations - Parallel Mode

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SeaGauge Remote G2 - Calibration Files for VDO analog gauges - 101719

Engine Temperature and Oil Pressure calibrations for use in parallel with VDO Analog gauges.

These calibrations are based on VDO Temperature Gauge 310-105 and Oil Pressure Gauge 350-108 powered at 13.5VDC.

SeaGauge Analog Sensor input is set to voltage mode (parallel) and wired to sensor terminal on VDO gauge along with analog sensor.

Calibrations use the voltage output of the attached VDO analog gauge and are calibrated with stated VDO sensor part numbers.

Any variance in VDO gauge supply voltage will result in slight variance of calibrations. It is always best to use a regulated voltage supply for driving the analog gauges.

These calibrations will not work in direct sensor mode or with any other manufacture's sensors