SeaSmart Firmware for G3 WIFI Gateway - ver

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This update provides support for SeaSmart G3 WIFI Gateways with CAN Bus J1939/NMEA 2000 interfaces.


New Supported Functions

  • Optional 4G/3G Cellular Module for direct upload to HelmSmart
  • Improved SD Data Logging
  • Improved Cache of Upload to HelmSmart via WIF or Cellular networks
  • Option to Upload SD Log Files direct to HelmSmart
  • Improved Graphic Web Pages with browser Cookie support for customization
  • New Web Page Config files stored on SD card


The complete update requires 3 steps.

1)   Unzip file and place all folders in root of SD card

2)   Repower SeaSmartG3 Gateway and wait for SeaSmartG3-XXXX device to show in WIFI networks list

3)   Connect to Gateway via WIFI ADHOC SeaSmartG3-XXXX and verify the new firmware version in config page is