netDimmer - 4 function LED Dimming Hub

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netDimmer interfaces to Ethernet or 802.11 b/g wireless networks and provides remote control of up to 4 separate LED lighting circuits. netDimmer can be used stand-alone (AdHoc) with any tablet/iPad/iPhone/SmartPhone or attached wirelessly to a local router (infrastructure) for network control. netDimmer is also compatible with new MiFi cellular based devices, GPRS modems, and personal HotSpots for remote internet access within coverage areas.

 A Built-in Server hosts Web pages that allow user control of any of the LED Light circuits. The netDimmer web pages are completely customizable using the browser interface to match any installation. All positions can be custom labeled. Current switch state is constantly monitored and shown on the browser page. Up to 16 different units can be monitired and controlled.

New Generation-2 features allow the adapter to receive commands directly from netGauges.netTM gateways over an existing Ethernet or wireless network connection. This advanced feature allows any netGauges Analog Sensor gateway to control LED Lighting Levels based on sensor detection thresholds. In addition, netDimmer can also receive commands from the HelmSmart Cloud service allowing for centralized control. The HelmSmart service can actively monitor 1000???s of networked sensor signals and remotely adjust light output levels based on need.

When paired with a netGauges Analog Sensor Gateway, a complete stand-alone closed loop control system can be created. For example, ambient light detected by a netGauges Gateway can create a command message to be sent over the network to a netDimmer unit to decrease Lights during daytime.

A key feature of the netDimmer unit is the built-in PWM LED driver which supports up to four separate 8 Amp circuits – enough to drive up to 120 individual LED lights. A 0-10V control option is also available for 4-wire lights.

The rugged water-resist design features 9-pin twist-lock flying lead harness for secure connections and easy installation. Each of the 4 dimmer circuits is rated at 8 Amps 12-24VDC. A 4-pin twist-lock Conxall Mini connector provides the Ethernet interface with included mating 15??? Cat5 patch cable. This design prevents cable engagement failures common with RJ45 connectors and provides enhanced environmental protection. A 5-pin Mico-C style CAN Bus/NMEA 2000 option is also available to network multiple dimmers as slave devices to a single master controller.


Create a complete end-to end sensor monitoring system using existing Web Browser devices and any internet service. Easily network temperature, pressure, voltage, current, power usage, speed, position, and much more to tablets, smartphones, and video monitors.