SeaSmart G3 Wireless NMEA 2000™ Wi-Fi Adapter with Web Server

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The SeaSmart™ G3 Wireless NMEA 2000™ Interface Module allows vessel operators to view live NMEA 2000 and analog engine information on iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other Wi-Fi and Web enabled devices.  The module allows all the digital and analog data that is streaming through the NMEA 2000 network to be sent to the onboard computer (Intranet) or routed to the Chetco Digital internet server where it can be accessed by authorized secure web browsers for real-time data display from anywhere in the world.

Third generation (G3) units also include internal SD memory card socket for data logging with transfer to Cloud Servers via embedded Web Server.

Internal Web Pages render bus data in real-time via a customizable virtual dashboard. Create multiple views right in your browser device.

Based on advanced interface technology, embedded Wi-Fi antenna module, and SeaGauge firmware, the SeaGauge Wireless interface connects directly to the NMEA network or to any SeaGauge Sensor Interface Unit. This module allows for license free viewing of vessel engine data equal to the data viewed on helm station displays and any other text data on the NMEA 2000 network. This data can be logged and viewed on vessel based systems or via internet to Chetco Digital servers for analytical review at later dates via the internet from anywhere in the world. Chetco Digital “Wireless” technology makes wireless gauge viewing, data access and data storage as easy as a smart phone and webpage. 

The SeaGauge Wireless is bundled with the company’s vDash software program which allows users to customize the unit by picking from a selection of graphic display options and arranging one of several pages quickly accessed via the touch panel interface. vDash provides for sensor calibration thereby allowing the system to fit into virtually any application.  No additional licenses needed. Other configurations and network options are also available including Ethernet.

The SeaGauge Wireless NMEA 2000 Interface Module can be purchased as either a standalone module or integrated into the SeaGauge line of digital gauges, switches and displays.