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SWVD-230930 - release
vDash Manual Part 1:

vDash Manual Part 1

vDash Manual Part 2:

vDash Manual Part 2

vDash Manual Part 3:

vDash Manual Part 3

vDash is a virtual digital gauge application for any Windows XP compatible PC or Laptop that allows creation of custom dashboards in real-time. Now get digital instrumentation display of a variety of engine performance parameters such as TACHOMETER, RPM, OIL PRESSURE, ENGINE TEMPERATURE, FUEL LEVEL, VOLTMETER, MAIN and AUXILIARY BATTERY,  and much more on your laptop or PC. vDash will work with any SeaGauge unit . Use Bluetooth technology and NMEA 0183 formats to transmit gauge readings to laptops and PDA's.

Combine vDash with a SeaGauge G2 Remote unit to create a complete low cost PC based engine monitoring system with data logging and optional wireless interface. Use any SeaGauge product to interface to up to 10 sensors and format into a serial data stream for you Windows PC or laptop.

vDash contains a library of  eight graphic display modes which can be placed on a virtual dashboard using simple mouse clicks. Sensor names are assigned by entering them into configuration dialogs. Up to 8 dashboard configuration screens can be created to show instrumentation data in easy to read formats. Custom sensor calibration tables can be loaded and modified using on screen dialogs. Set min/max alarms for each sensor value with the click of the mouse

vDash can be configured for small screens or large screens depending on the monitor size and desired format. vDash screens can be set for matching SeaGauge products so 'what-you-see' on the PC is 'what-you-see' on the digital gauge cluster - making configuration easy.

vDash  saves all configuration data into a series of text files that can be downloaded to any SeaGauge unit in real-time using built-in FLASH memory programming algorithms. Configuration data can also be saved in project files to allow multiple applications such as street driving  and off-road.

vDash accepts real-time data via built-in serial port or wireless Bluetooth connections for display and data logging. NMEA 0183 integrated instrumentation sentences ($IIXDR) ensure compatibility.  Bluetooth wireless connectivity allows a laptop or PDA to receive data up to 100 feet away.  The Bluetooth wireless capabilities allows you laptop of PC to located in a convenient location while a SeaGauge unit is mounted at an alternate location. View live instrumentation data without wires.

vDash can be programmed to match your existing sensors/senders. Simply attach to a computer via serial cable or wireless ports - and download a text file to recalibrate. All display values are user programmable by typing values in any text editor and downloading to the device. Unit can be upgraded in the field without removing from the dash. Use vDashto test out new calibrations instantly before downloading to SeaGauge No matter what your current sender/sensors are currently installed - vDash can adapt.

vDash will work with any SeaGauge - even the display less remote unit. Simply install the remote unit near sensor locations and attach to PC/Laptop for live dashboard display and data logging in a compact - cost efficient package.  vDash  will replace 16 mechanical instruments in a fraction of the space. Install multiple remote SeaGauge units in different vehicles and simply take your laptop to view and record data.


Version Updates

Added support for Extended Temperature (130316) PGN for sensor inputs on SeaGauge G2 Remote

Added support for Fuel Flow sensors with very slow turbine spin rates - allows increase of sample window to 8 sec


Version Updates

Added support for Actisense W2K WIFI Gateway

Added support for Posting W2K Data Server directly to HelmSmart

Added support for Posting SeaSmart Data Server directly to HelmSmart


Version Updates

Added support for Engine/Transmission (127489/127493) Alerts using the indicator/status inputs on SeaGauge G2 Remote

Added support for enabling Engine/Transmission (127489/127493) Alerts on any analog input that triggers a alarm. User defined High/Low thresholds for sending NMEA 2000 alerts.



Version Updates


Added support for SeaGauge AGW Projects and using fuel flow sensors.




Version Updates


Added support for run-time counters using the indicator/status inputs on SeaGauge G2 Remote










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