vDash App Note - Enable PGN Alerts with vDash

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This App Note describes how enable NMEA 2000 CAN Bus alert data using the SeaGauge Interface and vDash

Allows SeaGauge Indicator/status inputs to be used  to source NMEA 2000 Engine/Transmission alert messages.

Requires vDash version or higher and SeaGauge G2 Remote Firmware 101219 or higher



The following PGN127489 and PGN 127493 Alerts are supported

Port Engine

Starboard Engine

Center Engine

W:P Check Engine

W:S Check Engine

W:C Check Engine

W:P Over Temperature

W:S Over Temperature

W:C Over Temperature

W:P Low Oil Pressure

W:S Low Oil Pressure

W:C Low Oil Pressure

W:P Low Oil Level

W:S Low Oil Level

W:C Low Oil Level

W:P Low Fuel Pressure

W:S Low Fuel Pressure

W:C Low Fuel Pressure

W:P Low System Volt

W:S Low System Volt

W:C Low System Volt

W:P Low Coolant Level

W:S Low Coolant Level

W:C Low Coolant Level

W:P Water Flow error

W:S Water Flow error

W:C Water Flow error

W:P Water In Fuel

W:S Water In Fuel

W:C Water In Fuel

W:P Charge Indicator

W:S Charge Indicator

W:C Charge Indicator

W:P High Boost Pressure

W:S High Boost Pressure

W:C High Boost Pressure

W:P Rev Limit

W:S Rev Limit

W:C Rev Limit

W:P Warning Level 1

W:S Warning Level 1

W:C Warning Level 1

W:P Reserved 1

W:S Reserved 1

W:C Reserved 1

W:P Transmission Over Temp

W:S Transmission Over Temp

W:C Transmission Over Temp

W:P Transmission Low Oil

W:S Transmission Low Oil

W:C Transmission Low Oil