vDash App Note - Enable Indicator Alarms

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This App Note describes how to enable Indicator Alarms for SeaGauge Remote Sensor Units using the vDash Windows OS configuration application

SeaGauge Remote Sensor unit has an external alarm output that can drive a buzzer (active high) or relay (active low). This alarm can be triggered by any of the Indicator/Status inputs when enabled using the vDash tool.

Indicator/Status inputs are binary voltage detect (High=ON Low=Off). SeaGauge has 8 or 12 Indicator inputs depending on model.

Default is not to trigger an external alarm.

If enabled, any of the inputs will trigger external alarm.

Requires SeaGauge G2 Remote Firmware update SGRMG2FW-030319 available on this site.


Requires vDash update SWVD-190303 available on this site.


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