vDash App Note - Enable Indicator Runtime Messages

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This App Note describes how to enable Indicator Run time messages for SeaGauge Remote Sensor Units using the vDash Windows OS configuration application.

SeaGauge has 8/12 Indicator inputs which are binary voltage detect (ON/OFF) or (High/Low). They are used for bilge pumps, float switches, lights, hatch doors, and alarms.

A custom NMEA 2000 PGN 65293 can be enabled for each of the first 8 indicator inputs that track the cumulative run time in seconds and the on/off cycles.

These messages are used by SeaSmart Web Pages and the HelmSmart Service for analytics. instrumentation, and alerts.

Requires SeaGauge G2 Remote Firmware update SGRMG2FW-030319 available on this site.


Requires vDash update SWVD-190303 available on this site.


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