SeaSmart Wireless Mesh Network Gateway

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SeaSmart Mesh Network Gateway Data Sheet

SeaSmart Wireless Mesh Network Gateways link multiple SeaGauge sensor hubs and controllers to provide local browser based monitoring and optional global internet access. A single gateway can support multiple nodes using “Zigbee-like” wireless links. Mesh networks utilize local neighbors to extend ranges across several miles and “self -heal” if any node goes off-line.

SeaSmart Wireless Mesh Network Gateways offer an economical solution to building out large sensor networks by centralizing the network access point in a single location. The gateway automatically links to all compatible remote sensors and controllers and forwards data to internal embedded web server for viewing on any local browser enabled device using standard built-in WIFI services (adhoc or infrastructure).

Expanded access is available by using available internet access points to push data to HelmSmart cloud-base service for global monitoring and event alerts. Connections are established by using local browser configuration pages to link with WIFI Hotspots and cellular wireless modems.

Wireless Mesh Networks have become the standard for home automation due to their simple configuration and robust and reliable performance. Each node expands to repeat the wireless coverage area and auto-adjust as nodes are added and removed.

SeaSmart Wireless Mesh Network Gateways provide the central browser interface to multiple SeaGauge AGW sensor units and automatically adjust as new hubs and controllers are added. SeaSwitch Keypads and Switch/Dimmer Controllers can also join the mesh network to further expand system capabilities.

SeaSmart Wireless Mesh Network Gateway uses a 12VDC power supply and draws less then 500 mA. An AC power adapter is also available.

Node to node wireless range up to 4000 feet (line of sight)

Wireless 802.11 b/g or wired Ethernet 10/100 interfaces are available.